Come to our Lauch Event!

We will be having a launch event for the magazine at Rhythm's Coffee on May 31st, 7-9 PM.
You will be able to buy magazines there, and we will have students read some of their work.

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    We are no longer accepting submissions!

    Currently, we are sending out acceptance letters.
    Come pick up your sticker when you get it

    One person can submit up to THREE poems
    Prose poetry counts as poetry!
    Can be a scene from a play or screenplay
    Include an introduction giving context to the scene
    Personal essays, Manifestos, Creative non-fiction, and letters can be submitted
    No academic essays
    3,000 word limit
    If it's from a longer work, include an introduction to it (not included in the word limit)
    Images should be 300 dpi in CMYK format (if it's not, the colors will appear differently in print)
    .png or .tiff files
    Traditional art can be submitted, but has to be a high quality picture or scan

    If you need help submitting an image, have "ATTN: ART EDITOR" in the subject line


    Q: How do I submit? When is the deadline?
    A: The deadline has already passed.
    Q: How dark/graphic can things get?
    A: Keep things PG-13 at max
    Q: Why is there a cat?
    A: It's our mascot, Stubs.
    Q: I still have questions!!!
    A: Go to Ms. House in B-9, or go to the LitMag table during lunch!

    Take a story, Change it up!

    From November 20th to December 15th, we are taking submissions for a special competition! Submit an adaptation of any myth, story, or fairy tale.
    Submissions will be in their own section of the magazine.
    Submissions can be poetry, prose (max 1,500 words), a script, or piece of art.
    All submissions will include a short paragraph that explains the original story, and what changed.
    The winner will get a themed sticker sheet.